About Institute of Communication Studies


Established in 1991, Institute of Communication Studies / ICS is the first academic of the college of Humanities and Social Sciences in NYCU. The institution was originally named “the Institute of Communication Technology / ICT” when founded. However, with the college of Humanities and Social Sciences established, the original field of communication and technology became relatively narrow, straying away from the college’s orientation. The knowledge of communication also developed to the integration of various subjects. It was thus rectified to the official name as “Institute of Communication Studies” in 1994.

This institution includes two streams of research, which are “New Media and Marketing Communication” and “New Media and User Experience.” Students are admitted to the program through regular admission and recommended-selection admission. The faculty includes eight full-time professors who are responsible for instruction and research.

Educational Goals Statement

Institute of Communication Studies takes communication technologies and new media-related research as the core. We highly focus on the combination of humanities and social sciences, human-computer interaction / HCI and management science field for cultivating new media communication expertise with scientific perspective and humanistic literacy. We value the application of theories in class while enhancing the interplay between theories and practices. Further, we not only emphasize students’ proficiency in logical thinking but the ability to form consciousness toward issues and figure out solutions. Finally, we encourage graduate students to actively publish academic theses in off-campus conferences to boost our reputation and strengthen the effect of learning.

Future Prospect

Technology advance is closely related to the development of communication field. Considering communication research and teaching, new media has become a main trend that should not be overlooked. The goal of this institute is to equip students with research and analysis abilities so that they can grasp the complex relations among technology, communication, and society as well as the interactive development. Combining NCTU’s characteristic specialty, the primary objectives of this institute are new media and marketing communication and related research of new-media-technological-integration. We highly focus on humanities, user experience design and insight to society and we aim at cultivating professions with innovative ability and humanistic literacy.

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