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Minimum year of study: 2 years

One must take 30 required credits

Relevant Credits Requirements

【Required Courses】
Communication theory, Workshop in Communication Technology Studies, New Media and Communication
Workshop, Media and Communication Methods: Quantitative Approaches/Media and Communication Methods: Qualitative Approaches (Choose either one)

【Elective courses】Choose four courses from below:
Strategic management and marketing for media organizations, Organizational Communication & Public Relations, Introduction to Human-computer Interaction Design, Prototype Design and Development, Science/Technology Communication, Internet and Social Media Marketing, Entertainment Media and storytelling marketing, Community in
Cyberspace, Special Topics in Media Culture, Practice of Journalism and PR for Science and Technolgy News, Seminar
in Integrated Marketing Communication,Communication and Cognitive Psychology

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Non-graduating Students

Application Form for SSCI(ODF)
Agreement of credit-waiver in research institution for bachelors(ODF)
Form of credit-waiver(ODF)

Graduate Students

1. Student’s Status for examination of master’s and doctor’s degree and grades (Please read this through.) (ODFPDF)
2. Master’s thesis oral test Application (Please make the application one month before the test.) (ODFWORD)
3. Form and procedure of Master’s thesis oral test (essential on the day of the test) (ODFWORD)
4. Master’s thesis format
5. Attention after test (ODFPDF)

Q1: What are the test subjects for the entrance examination?
A1: There is a good news for those who are participating in the exam this year! The 106 entrance examination has been reformed, taking Communication English and “Choose one from three” as the test subjects. Except for Communication English, which is the required one, examinees can choose one from the fallowing three subjects, including Communication Theory, Sociology, and Introduction to Communication Technology. The test system allows examinees from different backgrounds and talents to choose the most appropriate subject. This new institution saves you energy and time for preparation! 

Q2: Where is the NCTU Institute of Communication Studies?
A2: NCTU Institute of Communication Studies is located at NCTU Kuang-Fu campus (the main campus, 62 hectares) close to the interchange. Hsinchu sounds very far away? There are about 60.5 kilometers between Taipei and Hsinchu. It takes you 50 minutes on the bus. What can you do in 50 minutes? You can go from Gongguan to Tamsui, watch an episode of A Song of Ice and Fire, or you can choose to step closer to your dream. Besides, there are three passenger transport bus companies at Taipei Bus Station for you to choose, so the public transport is quite convenient. 

Q3: How is the environment in NCTU? How about the resources?
A3: NCTU Institute of Communication Studies is located at the second building of College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It takes you within 5 minutes to come here from the main entrance of NCTU Kuang-Fu campus! The second building of College of Humanities and Social Sciences is just beside the well-known “Bamboo Lake”, featuring beautiful scenery and tranquil environment. Thus, it is the best place for studying. When you are hungry, you can go to the nearby restaurants and the convenience stores. The library is also very close, which is convenient for searching information and borrowing books.Besides, there is a free gym at NCTU. Students are also fond of running along the school. Therefore, the athletic atmosphere here is really prevailing. The waffles at school are very well-known, cheap and delicious. And there is also McDonald in school. Furthermore, the dormitories are in the main campus as well. The whole NCTU campus is really a small living circle. (You are able to lead a good life without going out the school.) 

Q4: I’ve been longing for being an exchange student. As a graduate student, can I attain my dream?
A4: Except the institute has signed interchanging plans with other schools, there are also many chances for exchange students released from the school every year. As long as the schools are in contract with NCTU, no matter they are in Asia or Europe, you have a chance to attend! Take this institution for example, seniors go abroad yearly. You only need to pay the tuition at NCTU and then you can go abroad as an exchange student for one semester. Some seniors would also travel around Europe during their exchanging.   

Q5: Can I have internship experience in cooperation before entering the workplace?
A5: Of course! Internship has become a trend now, everyone wants to gain precious experience through internship. Some of our students have interned in Commonwealth Magazine, Yahoo, Line, Alibaba, HTC, Asus, Hunan TV World. It’s obvious that internships aren’t unattainable. If you’re really worried that you can’t apply one, professors in our institute provide lots of resources for those who are seeking for internships in certain fields. Besides, you can also get advises from seniors.(smirk)  

Q6: What do students in department of communication learn?
A6: This institution takes communication technologies and new media-related research as the core. We have now two specific research foci: new media and marketing communication; new media and user experience. We highly focus on humanities, User Experience / UX design and insight to society and we aim at cultivating professions with innovative ability and humanistic literacy.We don’t have undergraduate programs; therefore we have abundant faculty and resources for graduate courses and students. Besides, since the program is profession-oriented, each student has a clear research object. Professors also offer much help for students so that they can research on what really interest them. Theses such as “Audiences’ Moral Judgement and Characters’ Affective Disposition Development in the Zombie Narrative: Using The Walking Dead Television Series as the Example”; “Examining the Relationships among Interpersonal Conflicts, Emotions, and Communication Strategies: A Study on Television’s Employees”; and “The Player’s Gaming Motivations and RPG Avatar Design: An Explorational Study from the Emotional Design Perspective,” are all examples released by seniors.  

Q7: Is it hard to study in graduate school? And what preparations should I make?
A7: Of course! It’s undoubtedly that schoolwork in graduate school is so much harder and tougher compared to the one in university. After all, it could be your last chance to be a student. Unlike gulping all the subjects in college, you have to dedicate yourself fully to one particular field in graduate school. To sum up, no matter what objective you hold to apply for graduate school, you’re an inch away from your goal! (But it’s still an hour away if you’re from Taipei) We sincerely hope that those who want to apply for this institute can stick to your faith and get fully prepared toward the upcoming exams. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

ADDR:HA Building 2, 1001 University Road, Hsinchu / TEL:(03)573-1991 / FAX:(03)572-7143 / MAIL: ict31991@g2.nctu.edu.tw