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Preliminary examination

Document examination
Required documents:
1. Application form (with 2-inch photo attached)
2. Self-organized biography (within 3 A4 pages) and study plan(within 10 A4 pages)
3. Transcript for all semesters(with class ranking for each semester or attach your certificate )
If your school is with more than 2 classes, adopt the ranking among all (class, major) the students in the same grade. For those who cannot get the certificate, ask the school to prove the incapability to get the ranking. Three letters of recommendation in free format (or use one of the formats in the general regulation)
4. The letters of recommendation should be written, sealed and signatured by the teachers in examinees’ departments before sent with the application form.
5. Grade reports for English proficiency test can be attached.     For example, TOEFL, CBT, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge Certificate, GEPT…
6. Other documents which facilitate examination, for example, certificate for academic and art activities or project reports.

Advanced examination:

Writing (in English),Oral test

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